Rainbow Runner software

Even if during the development we aim at the essence, the idea of running on a rainbow push us towards continuos innovation.

We wish our application users experience practicality above all.

After 20 years of experience in the software development, in the 2009 we approached the Apple world.

It was just a matter of time deciding that we would have started some development in that world.

ShopNote (Utility) has been our first challenge.

Then we proposed an amusing challenge to iPhone, iPod and iPad users. Have a look into our FiveInRow (Games)

After that was the time to remember the birthdays of friends and relatives, but also of the important occasions and gifts that we have done or would like to do. Thus was born OhMyGift (Utility).

We were about to go on holiday in 2011, when we wondered if an application could help us to remember all the things that you need to bring on holiday and especially help us avoid forgetting them. In fact, given the experience of ShopNote, realizing SuitcaseList (Utility) was very easy.

Codebreaking (Games), a simple game, like MasterMind, where the user can configure the difficulty. Our implementation assess the validity of user’m choices.

And finally, for now, Tap'N'Call (Social): we wanted to make it easy to communicate with our friends and so we have created an application that facilitated phone calls, emails and messages. But then in later versions we've added the ability to leverage social networks and especially to use the images. You can now publish a post on Facebook and / or an image with just a few clicks .

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