Five in Row

Strategy game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

The aim is simply putting five tokens in a row horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

But easy rules do not imply an easy game. Beating the Pro won’t be  like a piece of cake. Try it!

The application offers 4 difficulty levels. You can train before trying to play against the Pro.

Your results (number of matches and best scores) are collected into statistic information.

It is possible to enable and tune the volume separately for the music and sound effects.

Code Breaking

Strategy game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

CodeBreaking Ultimate asks you to decipher a secret code with as few as possible trials (the technique is the same of MasterMind). For each trial you get information about how many digits are right and how many are in the right position.

In addition the app informs you about your progress (red bar in the figures) and a comparison with what the app should have done (green bar in the figures).

You can setup how many digits (between 3 and 5) and how many symbols (between 7 and 16) can be used to generate the secret code. You can also decide if symbols can be repeated or not.

You can also setup how many trials (between 6 and 20) and how long the match can be (between 6 and 20 minutes).
User can choose between 8 symbol fonts which to use.


Ability and memory game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Much more than Memory:

indeed you don't play only against couples, but also triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets as well.

And this is not all, you can have also mixed scenarios where you have to find couples and triplets, triplets and quadruplets and so on.

And to gain access to successive level, you have to complete the level within time limit.

Playable alone or with your friends.

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