Application for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Split bills by providing paid amount and participation quotes.

Record photos and thoughts of your travels.

Record visited places.


It is possible to manage unlimited number of registers, having unlimited number of participants and expenses.

For every expense it is possible to indicate which participants are involved, so that you can manage also cases where someone has to be excluded.

You can enable the usage of exchange rates indicating which currencies could be used for the given register. The app will download exchange rates (that you can modify). Note that the App does not consider possible fees and commisions you should pay when using foreign currencies.

You can also associate image(s) and video(s) to any purchase to improve your remembering experience.

You can produce a diary of your trips embedding photos and comments. You can print and send by email.

App may record (if enabled) visited places (location, arrival and departure time) allowing you to better remember your trip. “Visited place” items can be edited and categorized. You can print and email the visited places register.

BillsSplitter shows the balance and provides the user with the regulation between debtors and creditors.

Since you can also categorize your purchases, BillsSplitter may provide you with the report expenses per category.

BillsSplitter handle four types of registers.

- Simple: it is possible to record expenses without the management of participants.

- Unitary quote for each participant: participants share equally the expenses where they are involved into.

- Fixed quotes dependent on the participant: let's suppose having two family traveling together, one with 4 people and the other one with 6. You can indicate that the first participant share with 4 quotes and second one with 6. Also in this case you can indicate which participants are involved into which expenses.

- Variable quotes per participant: as in the previous case, with the possibility of changing the quotes per participants for any expense.

Registers can be printed and sent by mail.

User can tailor each view choosing fonts, font size, colors and background.

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